I’d call them the bane of my life, but that would be understating it to say the least. Each one is as terrifying as the first.

Today was particularly challenging in this respect, in recent years, more often that not, I’ve had them in the safe environment of my house or when I am around a group of people, not that it makes them better of course, but it does help me become calm again much quicker. I was travelling to an appointment in Manchester, it was nothing serious or anxiety provoking, it was a run of the mill one with limited to zero stress involved, yet my body felt strange, my chest was thumping, I felt nauseous, my legs felt heavy, my head was tingly, I was on a tram, there was no way out, at least not a way out that was immediate, like stepping into your garden at home for example. In the end, I had to get off several stops early and find the nearest place with a toilet to splash cold water on my face, which delayed my journey but it was necessary.

Thankfully, I’m better right now, I’ve had a beer (okay, maybe not the greatest solution) and the situation that probably triggered it has gone. I’m still a bit shaky,but the worst is over. For now…